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February 14, 2017

What you should know about DIY Window replacement Phoenix




If your house is in an unpleasant state, consider installing window replacement Phoenix. Not only will the look of the house improve, but also the new windows will boost your energy efficiency efforts in addition to providing added protection to the family. The biggest challenge with replacing windows is that they are expensive. The best way of reducing the expense is by embarking on DIY replacement of the windows on your Phoenix property.

DIY replacement is not for everybody. You should only embark on the DIY approach if your competency on home improvement and window installation is beyond reproach. If you notice that the replacement windows cannot fit in the existing frames, do not proceed with the DIY project. Only proceed when the project does not involve extensive work on the frame. To proceed successfully with the project, prepare a few tools that include:

Replacement windows
Reciprocating saw
Utility knife
Chisel/ice pick
Pry bar
Tape measure
Drop cloths
Caulking gun

With all the requisite tools in place, your next task is to prepare for the work. To do this, you need to decide the material and style of window replacement Phoenix that you consider the most attractive and suitable for your property. The windows can be of any style, including double hung and casement. You can find the windows in multiple materials that include clad wood, vinyl, aluminum, wood and composite.

The second prepping step involves performing a thorough evaluation of the sills. The goal of the evaluation is to check whether the sills have developed wood rot. A compromised frame is not worthy a new window replacement. The most important step is measuring the windows. If you do not measure the windows correctly, expect to spend too much money buying new ones all the time. Failure to do this properly would mean returning to the stores to buy new windows.

While measuring the windows, begin with the height and width of the current ones. Do this repeatedly to ensure that you have the correct measurements. When measuring the width, do it from the middle, jamb-to-jamb, side-to-side and at the top. As for taking the height, you should do this from the sill to the top. Measure the height from the right, center and left sides too. Take the smallest measurements since they guarantee the proper fitting of the windows.

If the measurements seem satisfactory, your next task now involves placing the order for new window replacement Phoenix. Once the new windows arrive, you should be ready to begin the installation without wasting time. Do not rush into the installation before checking the windows for inside stops and removing them. Do not discard the inside stops but keep them, as they will prove helpful later while installing the fresh set of replacement windows.

Replacement windows are much cheaper than new construction windows. Therefore, installing them on your own is a small price to pay considering the benefits they present. Follow these steps today and enjoy installing window replacement Phoenix.

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