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Window Bug Screens


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A bug screen usually covers only half the window, thus allowing the vent part of the window to open, still not letting bugs and debris get inside. This is the main difference between bug screens and sun shade screens, which normally cover the whole outside of the window and protect the house of the harmful influence of the sun, at the same time lowering the inside temperature and reducing the energy expenses. Also, sun screens protect the inside of your house from strangers’ eyes, limiting the visibility from the outside. If you use sunscreens, you obviously do not need any bug screens.

Our company produces bug screen frames of three traditional colors – white, bronze and adobe. It is usually possible to match the frame color right on your existing bug screens if they are metallic in color. We do not use plastic to manufacture the interior corners of our window screens, we only use metal, and this means that your window insect screens will serve you much longer than others.

Our equipment and supplies system allows us to manufacture your screens in our facilities and then transfer them to your address and install them on your windows. Anyways, if you prefer to install your bug screens yourself, you are welcome to arrive to our showroom and pick them up whenever it is convenient for you.

If you still prefer to purchase sun screen frames, they are available in a different of attractive colors as well. Moreover, we can manufacture the screens in a variety of custom forms like arches, circles, hexagons, etc., as well as in different colors.

Sun screen mesh is made of a strong and durable material, usually it is synthetic fabric made of PVC coated polyester. Initially it is designed to reduce the amount of heat going through your windows, but this material can also diminish the amount of harmful rays of the sun getting into your home. As they block the sun rays, solar screens will also reduce your energy expenses and protect your furniture, carpets and pictures from discoloring and fading. Being fireproof and fade resistant, solar screens are a durable alternative for insect screens. The advantages are obvious – solar screens do not block the view, they protect your privacy during the daytime and they are incredibly durable.

To produce the sun screens we use special material called Textilene® 80 or Textilene® 90. The difference between these two is that Textilene® 80 can block up to 80% on the solar rays while Textilene® 90 blocks up to 90% and has smaller holes.

The most important advantages of Sun Shade Screens are:

  • Reduce the amount of harmful solar radiation getting into your house.
  • Provide privacy, so that you can see what is going on outside, but the inside of your house cannot be seen by the strangers.
  • Keep your house cooler by reflecting the UV rays. Customers who use the sun screens have reported receiving between 20-30% lower energy bills.
  • Screen clips (screens are removable for easy cleaning).