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Fire Glass Chips



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Fire Glass Chips are a creative and eye-catching decision for fireplaces, fire tables, aquariums and fire pits. Their growing popularity is easily explained by their durability, fire-resistance and lasting color.

Fire glass chips are made of tempered glass, which is tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges that might lead to injuries. Most importantly, during the contact with fire, this type of glass does not produce toxic fumes, smoke or ash. It can be used for outdoor fire pits as well as for non-vented or vented fireplaces (the latter must be provided with a vent-free approved burner system).

Fire glass can be used with both propane and natural gas. Purchasing your burner pan make you’re your connection kit is compatible with the type of gas you use.

Fire glass is available in different sizes and, types, for example, accent glass, reflective glass, and smooth in a variety of colors.

As any other glass product, fire glass can be broken as a result of misuse or during transportation, but due to the fact that during its manufacture process fire glass is tumbled to remove any sharp edges and then washed to make it sparkle, fire glass chips are more uniform in shape, without any pointed edges that can puncture and cut body parts, that means it is very safe to use. Fire glass chips do not burn or melt, neither lose their color, and thus, requires minimal maintenance.