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Scratched glass looks ugly, this goes without saying. Researches show that people tend to avoid entering business establishments or offices with worn-looking facades, and it is rather depressing to have to see scratched view out of your window day by day.
Scratches may appear because a number of reasons, such as natural disasters or acts of vandalism, anyways, there is always a point where you realize you need to do something with it. Roughly, all scratches can be divided into “light” or “minor” ones, “moderate” and “severe” or “heavy ones”.

Minor scratches: you cannot feel them with your finger, and they are not usually seen very well.

Moderate scratches: these are deep enough to catch your nail, but not enough to hang the edge. Usually appear as a result of razor blade cuts or sand erosion.

Heavy scratches: you can feel them sliding your finger, as well as see by unaided eye. Often, such scratches appear as a result of contact with heavy objects or animal claws.

Extreme scratches: you can easily see these even at the distance and they are deep enough for you to hang your fingernail in them. Often such scratches can be caused by graffiti.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is how to remove scratches on glass. Unfortunately, there’s no way to repair a scratch in your window or glass.

However, if you hire Arizona Glass & Door Connection for all of your home or business needs, we can replace the scratched glass with clear new tempered safety-glass that will last longer than ever before! With our anti-graffiti film applied during installation, any future damage to this replacement glass will be covered up by an ultra-thin protective layer that prevents graffiti from being drawn onto its surface. So go ahead and give us a call today!