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Weather Damage

You never think of Weather Damage when it comes to your Windows & Doors so you probably don’t now how much money you are losing because of it. You would be amazed at the damage weather can cause. it’s just not one type of Whether damage that ruins your Windows and doors, mostly they are all equal from rain, sleet, snow, Just to name a few, also including the high temperatures they endure, the humidity the scorching hot Arizona Weather. Two of the most products neglected in your house today are your windows and doors, because we think if we don’t hear them creek or crack, or if we don’t use them, we figure they’re not getting any damage. This is not true, Weather Damage is very critical to your windows and door protection, sealed from the elements is the key especially over time. Most Window and Door Weather Damage  goes unseen because your thought process is, “it looks clean so it can’t be damaged” but oh how wrong we are. Corrosion, rust, cold air, hot air are very unpredictable when it comes to your windows and doors and can cause most Window and Door Products to shrink and crack away from the seal or foundation it was installed in, unfortunately most of those cracks and corrosion go unseen for years.


Here at Arizona Glass and Door Connection our Weather Damage service will add longevity to your Windows and Doors, either new installation or existing. we can help provide you with a plan to protect your new or existing windows and doors for years to come. Our technicians have years of experience assessing windows and doors to help delay the process of decaying seals and will asses Vinyl for Corrosion. If you have I.G.U’s, Insulated Glass Units installed in your home or office, and when it rains, if you could see water at the bottom of the glass in between the Glass Panes, Weather Damage! it needs to be replaced.