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February 15, 2017

How to ensure that your Replacement windows Phoenix retain their allure

As good as replacement windows Phoenix are, they would be of no use without proper, effective and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is the only way of ensuring that the windows do not lose any of their allure. Windows have the capacity to last a lifetime, but only with regular maintenance. Visual check is what you need to perform to determine whether the windows are due some maintenance or not.

Therefore, what kind of maintenance do the windows require?


Dirt forms on windowsills and window tracks, thus the importance of cleaning them with a regular brush or a dry paintbrush at least once a year. If your house has sliding windows, prioritize the cleaning of the sills and tracks regularly. Check that the window tracks do not contain grime, cobwebs, dead bugs and any detritus that can make the windows fail to open or close properly.

While cleaning, do not forget the sash, glass and frame surfaces. Never use petroleum-based cleaners or solvents while cleaning these parts of the windows. Avoid using razor blades, abrasive pads, putty knives and any sharp objects on the windows. Avoid materials or products that can damage or dissolve the finish on the windows. Do not use any product that you feel has the power to damage any aspect or feature of your window.

Ensuring the drainage system functions well

The aptly named weep system is common in all windows and doors, including replacement windows Phoenix. Under this system, the frame features tiny weepholes for ensuring that water does not gather on the tracks. Your task is to check that nothing obstructs the weepholes. This is because the obstructions create a major problem the next time it rains, thus preventing the windows from opening and closing properly.


Without proper weatherstripping, replacement windows cannot function correctly. In addition to this, weatherstripping requires regular inspection and cleaning. The level of exposure that the weatherstripping experiences where the elements are concerned makes it susceptible to deterioration over time. The exposure affects the seal negatively. Hire professional technicians to apply weatherstripping on your replacement windows Phoenix or buy it from a hardware store.

Hardware and Accessories

The hardware and other accessories on the replacement windows require regular inspection. If they are not in an excellent condition, replace them immediately. The most common hardware and accessories on the windows include sash locks and operators. Without the hardware and other vital accessories, the windows would be unable to perform specific operational as well as security functions.

Resolve Condensation

Condensation is a normal occurrence on the replacement windows. You have nothing to worry about if condensation forms on your windows occasionally. Consistent forming of condensation should tell you about an underlying problem that needs handling and resolving fast. Elevated level of humidity in the house is often the biggest culprit when condensation occurs all the time on your windows. The best solution for this is proper ventilation.

If you follow these guidelines, the replacement windows should continue making your property attractive. Prioritize regular cleaning and check that the drainage system from the windows functions properly. Check that the weatherstripping is still intact. Check that the hardware and accessories continue functioning properly. Do not panic about occasional condensation but solve this problem when it occurs all the time. Do this today and begin experiencing the benefits.

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